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Obtaining resources is one of the biggest challenges in executing the innovation strategy in companies.
At the same time, options to finance, share risk or even subsidize innovation abound in our innovation system. The options vary from tax incentives, such as Lei do Bem* to public funding notices – Editais, that offer reimbursable/non-reimbursable resources for riskier financial projects with greater potential for transformation. Among all of these, funding agencies also offer line credits with facilitated terms, fees, and grace periods to reduce the risks of innovating in Brazil.

*Law 11,196/2005, Lei do Bem, creates the granting of tax incentives to legal entities that carry out research and technological innovation.


How to leverage your innovation projects

Brazilian companies have at their disposal a ‘puzzle’ that can be shaped to their individual needs.
Technological innovation projects already in progress can obtain incentives through Lei do Bem, which allows the deduction of up to 100% of eligible expenditures from the IRPJ and CSLL base, generating tax savings that can accelerate the pace of research and development.

In addition, companies can obtain funding for their innovation plans, reducing the cost of invested capital and increasing the technical-economic feasibility of projects, generating greater returns on investment made in innovation, more productivity, and growth.

Lastly, projects with greater potential for transforming society and greater technological ambitions, with the involvement of partnerships, can make use of even more attractive resources: Editais that invest financial and economic resources without paying back.

These options complement each other and can form an innovation resource plan that will finance your strategy at different technological levels as well as future horizons.

Quantum4 is ready to support you in your innovation management journey.

We have experienced professionals, skilled in obtaining and combining different mechanisms of fostering innovation. Also, our methodology of mapping opportunities can provide your company with a clear view of where the priority projects are for each funding modality, as well as the identification of resources through financial and tax incentives that are not yet being used.

Whatever the innovation challenges, getting resources is an integral part of the roadmap to strategy success.

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