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Funding management and process structuring generating value and putting ideas into practice.

Gestão de Inovação - Quantum4

Innovation Management

Resource management and process structuring generating value and putting ideas into practice.

Integrated Management of Innovation

Strategy For Innovation

Innovation Hub

Funding para Inovação - Quantum4

Innovation Funding

Financial and Tax Incentives to leverage your innovation projects and technological development

Integrated Management  For Funding Of Innovation

Diagnosis Of Tax Opportunities For Leveraging Innovation

Financial And Tax Incentives For Innovation

Otimização tributária e transformação digital - Quantum4

Tax Optimization And Digital Transformation

Value Added By The Tax Area Through Preventive Planning, Recovery And Monetization Of Credits, And Process Optimization Using Technologies.

Tax Consulting

Recovery Of Tax Credits

Diagnosis Of Tax Opportunities

Tax Digital Transformation


About us

We are a Consulting and Innovation Services Company founded in 2017, which believes that to innovate it is necessary to have discipline and consistent practices, and that creativity and innovation are skills that can be developed by all organizations.

Founding Partners

Ricardo Pelegrini 
Co-Founder & CEO
Imagem de Ricardo Pelegrini - Socio Fundador da Quantum4
Business Administrator and former president of IBM Brazil, where he held in his 30 years with the company, executive positions in USA, Italy, Latin America, and China. Pelegrini holds a bachelor's degree in business administration, a post-graduate degree in marketing from Getúlio Vargas Foundation, a specialization in marketing from Columbia University, and is a Harvard Business School alumni by the Advanced Management Program.
Lucimara D'Ávila
Co-founder & Technical Director
Foto da Lucimara D'Ávila - Sócia Fundadora e Diretora Técnina da Quantum4
D’Ávila is a lawyer with over 25 years of experience in the tax and funding innovation area. She holds a post-doctorate degree in tax law from USP, a doctor degree in international relations from PUC SP. D’Ávila is a former partner of the tax consulting area of PwC, where she has worked for 22 years, including the leadership of the tax incentives/innovation group.

Marcos Almeida 
Co-founder & COO
Foto de Marcos Almeida - Sócio fundador da Quantum4
Executive with over 35 years of experience, specializing in tax incentives, funding, and digital transformation in the tax area. Almeida is a former a partner/director of PwC, YE and Arthur Andersen, and a former vice president CFO / Tax Director of conglomerate Safra Bank. Almeida holds an MBA in Finance from FEA/USP and a bachelor’s degree in business administration and law.
Octávio de Barros 
Co-founder & Director
Foto de Octávio de Barros - Sócio fundador e diretor da Quantum4
With 20 years of experience in the banking sector (Bradesco, BBVA and BNDES), Central Bank and OCDE guest economist, Barros holds a doctor degree from University of Paris X – Nanterre and is vice president of France-Brazil Chamber of Commerce and Brazil-China Business Council. He is an author of books and articles.

Our Team

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Our purpose

The company's purpose is to foster innovation in Brazil, supporting its clients in value creation through a strategic plan of differentiation and productivity, generating sustainable competitive advantage, and helping them to achieve their objectives and goals, thus creating a better country.

Clients & Business Partners 

Some of our Clients

Strategic Business Partners

Clientes e Parceiro


What our clients say about Quantum4

Maely Filho
MedSênior Executive Vice President
I would like to share what I’ve learned from Quantum4 about entrepreneurship in innovation:

1) innovation without methodology takes more time, more mistakes, and more costs.
2) innovation and fostering generate more knowledge, create a network of relationships, and mitigate likely errors.

Let's now break down what I’ve learned in each item above.

The innovation process has its own methodology, aiming to reduce the learning curve and make the project viable. In this process, we’ve learned to use hypothesis validation tests and the meaning of "fail fast!" The latter, a poetic license to try something that had not been tried, i.e. if you want to achieve a result that has never been achieved, do what has never been done, that is, try something different. Did it go wrong? Correct it and try again.

The innovation fostering process, on the other hand, goes far beyond simply innovating with non-refundable third-party resources and recovering any credits. It has to do with the network of relationships you create with the main science and technology institutes (ICT) in the country, boosting the generation of knowledge and mitigating risks.

Ultimately, without the work of Quantum4, the results of national and international expression, obtained in 2 years, would only be possible with approximately 15 years of lots of trial and error, according to our team. We’ve learned to resignify investment with Quantum4 consulting, because for us it is not about cost or investment, it goes much further, since it is an enormous capacity to generate value for the company making a classic health operator be noticed in the market as a Health Tech.

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