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According to data from the federal government, tax collection has accounted for 35% of Federal Gross Domestic Product - GDP. A relevant percentage that shows efficient company tax management can be the differential to competitiveness and profitability.

In this sense, it is essential to give due attention to tax planning, tax recovery, and monetization of credits, not only to ensure the legality and avoid tax assessment, but also to promote the financial health, enabling sustainability and growth in the market. The tax area is, by nature, transversal in the organization.


It is an activity that makes up the value chain of virtually all other functions in the company. The area has a lot to contribute to the business result, from the decision and execution of purchases to logistics planning for delivering of products to customers.

For this process to happen effectively and on time, companies must always be aware of best practices - Tax Function Effectiveness. Talking about the optimization of tax management means relating it to training people, using adequate technologies and tools, improving processes, and efficient data management (analytics). Investing in this practice provides several benefits.

New ways of delivering value to the organization can be implemented through digital transformation. Repetitive processes automation gives operation more efficiency and speed in the execution of the tasks, freeing up staff’s time to increase analytical capacity and generate relevant information for decision-making.

The artificial intelligence algorithms adoption, machine learning and deep learning can reveal sophisticated strategies that will take operations to a new level of efficiency. Cloud computing applications as well as the use of data generated at various points in the company value chain, can bring several gains and leverage the company results.

Quantum4 is ready to help transform your tax management!

Quantum4 has a team of professionals with extensive expertise in the diagnosis of tax opportunities, mapping of tax processes, and implementation of tax solutions and methodologies, contributing substantially to leveraging the results of your businesses.

Otimização tributária e transformação digital

We are ready to guide the transformation of your company’s tax journey!


We aim to identify cash-generating opportunities, minimize tax assessment risks, increase the analytical capacity of professionals and other actions that contribute to the consolidation of the tax area, generating results.

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